Why French Kids don’t have ADHD.

Why French Kids don’t have ADHD.

This article discusses why is there such an epidemic of ADHD in the US compared to France.  The reason is a different classification system and approach to child rearing.  Many new articles could and should be written about the DSM  (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual) system of classification in the US.  This is what clinicians and psychiatrists use to categorize and diagnose mental health issues. The problem is this manual is not founded on any empirical scientific studies, but is instead essentially made up by a panel.  One instance showing how this becomes problematic is the famously mentioned fact that homosexuality used to be listed in the manual as a mental disorder.

The other issue regarding ADHD’s prevalence in the US is the way that children are raised.   This extends to all the possible behavioral factors (including the importance of diet and its effects.) Parenting styles and attitudes towards education and discipline are discussed.   This is of paramount importance.  Interesting to note that here in the US there are increasing amount studies showing effective methods to treat ADD and ADHD with biofeedback (or “neurofeedback”) rather than medications that may cause long term problem, but the research on these natural methods is limited, not followed up on and rarely implemented. For an article on that  click here.  I think we could do with a serious change in how we understand ADHD.


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